There are no vocal tips for instantly singing well, although some methods have espoused so.

What are required are consistent singing lessons, which develop the voice freely and bring out the innate quality of every voice. Once a vocal technique is in place, learning repertoire will come more easily. Singing should feel good and be a pleasure. It should not feel as if there is strain. Signs of strain are indicative of vocal problems. There are however some singing tips which will be of benefit throughout the entire process.

Each vocal tip is aimed at maintaining a healthy instrument - the voice. Lubrication is important for the vocal chords as well as in life; so drink plenty of water. Vocal rest is necessary when one is faced with a lot of singing or has been sick. A vocal warm up is always called for before any amount of singing. Vocal abuse, such as shouting, smoking, talking above loud noise or music should be entirely avoided.

Certain foods can make singing more difficult. It is wise to avoid dairy products on the day you are to sing, since they leave a film on the vocal chords. Foods or drinks that contain caffeine should also be avoided as they are drying. Wine is also drying. The same applies for spicy foods.

Just to re-emphasize, the greatest vocal tip I can share is for each singer to acquire a strong vocal technique. Freeing the voice will enable effective singing and longevity.