I had the recent privilege of attending a Master Class given my Deborah, and was amazed at her ability to crystallize each participant's latent potential. I am looking forward to myself being a participant in one of her Sunday afternoon classes.
Cedric Rapp, Tenor
There is also a strong sense of community among Deborah's students, which creates this huge support group. It's really amazing to see in master classes how everyone's voice flourishes.
Emy Stantcheva, Soprano

One of the finest learning tools for developing a performance technique, whether it be opera, musical theatre or pop, is the master class. The Master Classes are group drama workshops, geared for performance and audition preparation. Whether a participant or auditor, each student observes, listens and learns from the experience of fellow students.

Ms. Staiman's experience as a performer of musical theatre, her dramatic training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, England, and numerous workshops in New York City, enabled her to become a fine performance instructor. In addition Ms. Staiman was on the vocal faculty of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City, where she was exposed to the classes and methodology of AMDA's musical theatre program.

  • Discover and develop your unique performance style.
  • Learn to combine the languages of music and words, fusing them into one powerful, dramatic, expressive whole.
  • Add the dimension of body language to your singing.
  • Build self-confidence as a vocal performer.
  • Expose yourself to the vast repertoire of musical theatre.
  • Observe others and learn from them.
  • Prepare a first rate musical theatre audition and practice before peers.
  • Aquire the skill of singing with professional piano accompaniment.
  • Preparation and interpretation of first song as a "sung monologue" using the tools of textual analysis
  • Introduction to the master class principles, concepts and terminology.
  • Provides a set of tools to interpret the song in its entirely, addressing the different facets of performance: textual, musical, physical, emotional and psychological.
  • For those who have participated in level 1 and at Ms. Staiman's discretion.
  • Students who learn from observing and listening.

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