At the singing studio in Toronto, Musical Theatre Workshops are geared for performance and audition preparation. The workshops are the best method for developing the skills required to perform in musical theatre while at the same time preparing for a first rate musical theatre audition. During the workshop a set of principles, concepts and terminology is introduced and applied when applicable to each song presented. Reinforcement occurs when each singer listens, observes and learns from others.

Ms. Staiman's experience as a musical theatre performer, her dramatic training at the Guildhall School of Music in London, England, and numerous workshops in New York enabled her to become a fine performance instructor. In addition, Ms. Staiman was on the voice faculty of AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in New York City where she was exposed to the classes and methodology of AMDA's musical theatre program.

Working songs in these musical theatre workshops enables each singer to grow, thereby finding a unique performance style. This will enable the singer to choose the appropriate repertoire for him/herself; songs which demonstrate the particular assets, strengths and unique qualities of the performer.

The musical theatre workshop will provide a set of tools to interpret the song in its entirety. During the class the many different facets of performance are addressed: textual, physical, emotional and psychological. These are introduced, defined and used when applicable in any given song. Each singer learns to prepare a song as a "sung monologue" using the tools of textual analysis to implement this. The more an actor works different songs the faster and more proficient he/she becomes at producing a professional performance with freedom and power.

Finally, the musical theatre workshops will guide you towards presenting yourself at your absolute best for an audition. Audition techniques enable each singer to present with style, confidence and uniqueness for ultimate impact.