Singing is the Voice of the Soul

Deborah Staiman has been teaching singing for over thirty years and in addition to teaching the classical and operatic vocal production, she specializes in building a strong foundation of vocal technique for singers, who sing the musical theatre and popular repertoire. She combines the best that the broadway and popular music singing techniques and the classical Italian "bel canto" singing technique have to offer. She welcomes beginners as well as professionals for singing lessons and classes at her Toronto Singing Studio.

Private singing lessons and vocal coaching focus on vocal health, breath control, blending the registers, flexibility, range, increasing resonance and projection in addition to building a rich song repertoire. Deborah listens to each voice and strives to bring out the innate vocal potential of every singer. Each voice will blossom forth freely with a safe and healthy vocal technique, which will ensure longevity. Singing lessons will bring out the best in your voice.

  • Realize your full vocal potential as a unique singer
  • Sing with a healthy, safe vocal technique
  • Practice correct body alignment
  • Learn the keys to vocal health
  • Develop an excellent warm-up
  • Master breathing technique and breath control
  • Eliminate register "breaks", blending the "chest" and "head" voices
  • Extend flexibility
  • Increase vocal range
  • Enrich resonance and build projection
  • Learn vowel modification
  • Find songs that will enhance, nurture and showcase your voice
  • Build a rich, varied song repertoire in the style/s of your choice
  • Learn to read music and build musicianship

Singing Lessons are a half hour or one hour in length.

For current rates please speak to Ms. Staiman

Vocal lessons Toronto Deborah is an outstanding teacher with a passionate interest in the improvement and success of her students. Since working with Deborah, my voice is stronger, clearer, more flexible. I have greater control over my voice, and a much broader range..I have Deborah to thank for two musical theatre jobs this summer. I plan to continue taking singing lessons from Deborah for many years to come.
Ana Harris
Vocal lessons Toronto Within the first couple of weeks of my singing lessons, I noticed a remarkable change within my voice and vocal range. I have been taking vocal lessons with Deborah for over three years now. Thank you Deborah for all your continued hard work and dedication!
Victoria Riediger