Liz Aboya Alex Abrahams Ross Cameron Barbara Back
Olivia Barrett Lisa Eliesen Jenny Brown Gina Chandler
Sally Gayer Brandon Hewitt Nehassaiu Cheri Hunt
Cedric Rapp Christyna Schillemore Emy Stantcheva Bob Thacker
Ana Harris Marni Bokina Victoria Riediger Janice Joo
Deidre Tylecki Sarah DeGenova Phil Jeon Katherine Winter
I first went to Deborah for vocal training because I had what I considered to be a nice but weak voice. I wanted to be able to project. What's the point in having a voice that can't be heard? But the amount of vocal knowledge I've obtained since that day three years ago is beyond what I ever expected. I now know the great importance of warming the vocal chords, the difference between head and chest voice and how to connect them. But aside from continually developing my voice beautifully, one of the most important traits that Deborah as a teacher has brought our of me is my love and ability to perform. I was shy and self-conscious. Now, by being eased into performance through lessons, master classes and the showcase last year, Deborah has helped me to open up and not fear or second guess myself. I've become an incredibly well-rounded person, and thanks to Deborah can finally be heard!

Liz Aboya, Soprano

I can't thank you enough, Deborah. I very much appreciate your clear, systematic method of vocal technique and challenging inspirational manner. You have made me believe in myself and inspired me to be the best I can be. You've given me the gift of confidence and because of your help in singing lessons and through the master classes I know I'll make it someday.

Alex Abrahams, Dancer-Soprano

I must say that you, Deborah, are the best teacher I have ever had of any subject on all my years of education, including medical school. Your consistent teaching method and diligent attention durng each lesson has helped me to grow and develop so well vocally. I am most impressed with your exquisite sensitivity as a teacher to changes in vocal resonance and breathing, leading to immediate adjustment of these for me the student. I like your clear teaching style and every week I learn something new vocally. I leave each lesson with a happy sense of accomplishment.

Ross Cameron, Tenor

It is thanks to Deborah's training that I now have the confidence that when I open my mouth to sing I am guaranteed the high notes and that the correct sound will emerge. She prepared me thoroughly for auditioning and I could not have achieved my lead role as Golde without her.

Barbara Back, Actress-Mezzo Soprano

I came to Deborah without a voice but with a dream. I will never forget, Deborah said that within eight half hour lessons I would start to see a difference in my voice. In two weeks I had an audition. I have been singing with Deborah for two years and my voice has developed, matured and grown. Passionate and dedicated are the words I would use to describe Deborah and that passion has been instilled in me as a person as well as a singer. Deborah's enthusiasm is inspiring and it is reflected in her teaching and in her students' voices. I can testify to that.

Olivia Barrett, Actress-Soprano

Deborah, without you and your vocal training I would never have been able to do this. You are making singing possible in my life through lessons, master classes and the showcase. I've learned so much from you - not just in terms of singing, but for life as well.

Lisa Eliesen, Soprano

I am a complete beginner and have taken nine lessons with Deborah so far. I am thrilled to have found my singing voice and I am surprisingly proud of it already! I never knew that I could sing as high as Deborah takes me. I would recommend Deborah for vocal training to beginners as well as any level of singer.

Jenny Brown, Soprano

Deborah, I want to tell youy how special I think you are as a voice teacher. I've made such tremendous growth in my voice and I owe it all to you. It's all so exciting!

Gina Chandler, Jazz Singer

I am a 63 year old woman who always wanted to take singing lessons, but was always a little fearful. This was the year! I have been studying with Deborah Staiman since the fall of 2005. She is all that I had hoped for: very professional, demanding but understanding of the older voice, energetic but responsive to different needs and she makes singing fun!

Salley Gayer, Soprano

I have just begun studying with Deborah and already I am feeling more confident in my vocal abilities. Her methodology is very straight forward, which is helping me clear up the confusion surrounding my voice. My technique is growing stronger with each lesson and it's all thanks to you, Deborah! Merci beaucoup!

Brandon Hewitt, Actress-Soprano

Deborah, Thank you so much for nuturing my voice. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I certainly do feel blessed to have been led to such a gifted and intelligent teacher.

Nehassaiu, Actress-Soprano

My first lesson with Deborah was very emotional for me. I never thought I was capable of singing high notes. In fact, while growing up, I considered myself an alto. Deborah was very patient and understanding and with her guidance I was able to reach a range I never thought possible. When I sang those notes, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Deborah assured me that I was a soprano. With her coaching I can now sing more confidently, with better range, and more power than I had imagined. I have thoroughly enjoyed Deborah's teaching and highly recommend her to anyone considering vocal training and lessons.

Cherri Hunt, Soprano

I am a grandfather, in my sixties and diagnosed with Parkinson over ten years ago. So it came as a surprise on my birthday, when my family gave me a certificate for six voice lessons with Deborah Staiman. I had long expressed regret that I had never explored my singing potential. Misgivings I had, about starting on a new venture at this stage of my life, but Deborah's infectious enthusiasm quickly converted me. She was more than encouraging and I went home feeling exhilarated.

Some lessons later, my enthusism has not abated. I also had the recent privilege of attending a Master Class given my Deborah, and was amazed at her ability to crystallize each participant's latent potential. I am looking forward to myself being a participant in one of her Sunday afternoon classes.

Cedric Rapp, Tenor

For many years I would say I couldn't sing--that I had a very limited range. However I always wanted to sing well. Deborah told me that she could make a difference in my voice within approximately eight lessons. I noticed a qualitative difference in my voice within three lessons! I could hear an increase in my upper range within eight lessons. I am delighted with my progress to date and look forward to continuing my musical journey.

Christyna Schillemore, Soprano

I am a 20 year old U of T student. I first came to Deborah at 17, because despite my love and passion for singing, I wasn't particularly good at it. I was terrified at the prospect of singing in front of someone, and I even imagined scenarios in which I was told, "Sorry, ther's nothing I can do for you!"

Instead, I found myself immediately at ease with Deborah, who was supportive and encouraging from the first sheepish note I sang. She has unfaltering faith in her students and their potential, which is extremely inspiring from a pupil's standpoint. It's surreal to think back to the beginning and see-or hear, I should say--how far I've come.

There is also a strong sense of community among Deborah's students, which creates this huge support group. It's really amazing to see in master classes how everyone's voice flourishes. Singing with Deborah has boosted my confidence in all aspects of life, and that extra bounce you have in your step after a lesson is absolutly unparalleled.

Emy Stantcheva, Soprano

Like many adults, my singing was usually confined to the work day commute. Upon joining Deborah Staiman's singing classes, her initial focus on basic vocal training was interspersed with songs selected to suit my voice and mastery of good vocal technique. Her personalized approach to teaching makes the learning environment very relaxed and enjoyable. I would recommend Deborah's singing classes to anybody wanting to improve their vocal quality, meet like minded people and have some fun at the same time.

Bob Thacker, Baritone

Deborah is an outstanding singing teacher with a passionate interest in the improvement and success of her students. Since beginning my vocal training with Deborah, my voice is stronger, clearer and more flexible. I have developed a technique that I can apply to all styles of singing, greater control over my voice, a much broader range, and a repertoire of songs.

I owe thanks to Deborah for sharing with me her wealth of knowledge, her love of teaching and singing, her inspiration and her quest for personal achievment and accomplishment. I know I have Deborah to thank for the two musical theatre jobs coming up this summer (2009). I plan to continue learning from Deborah for many years to come.

Ana Harris, Actress-Soprano

Thank you so much for all the effort that you put into teaching. I am looking back and realizing how much I've learned and how much my voice has improved during the past year of vocal training. I think it is truly an honour to have a wonderful teacher like you, who guides me and makes me believe in myself.

Marni Bokina, Soprano

I have been taking vocal lessons with Deborah over three years now and have learned a great deal along the way. Within the first couple of weeks of my lessons, I noticed a remarkable change within my voice and vocal range. Deborah is truly passionate at what she does and instills that passion, confidence and love of music to her students.

Thank you Deborah, for all your continued hard work and dedication. I look forward to many more lessons in the years to come.

Victoria Riediger, Mezzo Soprano

There is not better way to make my debut as "Janice, the singer" to my friends and family than your Seventh Annual Toronto Vocal Showcase. I am excited to perform for them! Thank you Deborah for giving me a safe and nuturing place in Toronto to learn, explore, unleash and grow these past few months. I look forward to many more months of your musical mentorship. I am proud to put my name next to yours!

Janice Joo, Soprano

Deborah, thank you for helping to bring the joy of music back into my life! Deborah's singing instruction and classes are an incredibly worthwhile investment. After only a couple of lessons I was able to hear a significant difference in my voice. Her systematic approach is amazing!

Deidre Tylecki, Soprano

I first started taking singing lessons with Deborah four years ago, when I was fourteen. I was always told that I had a "lovely" voice and that it was special. However, I was always shy about singing in front of others. When I started going to the Singing Studio in September of 2008, Deborah helped me with the basics and began building my technique. Not only has she helped my technique, but with her vocal training, she has expanded my range and has given me the confidence to sing in front of others. Deborah's Master Classes have provided me with opportunity to gain confidence, learn how to interpret a song's meaning through the use of "textual analysis", learn from others and perform and understand the performance requirements for auditions.

Since joining Deborah in 2008, I have participated in three "Feast of Tunes" performances organized by Ms. Staiman, multiple solo performances at school talent shows and Music Concerts; I have been awarded 1 Platinum award and 3 Gold awards at the Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto, and I have received acceptance to the Popular Music Studies program at the University of Western in London, Ontario.

I would like to thank Deborah for providing me with the technique, confidence, and support to achieve my goals.

Sarah DeGenova, 18, Soprano
July 2012

I began lessons with Deborah to correct my serious tone deafness problem that I had for almost 28 years. At the beginning, I couldn't even tell which note was a higher sound between two notes. Deborah helped me with systematic repeated exercises to improve my hearing skills first. My hearing skills improved gradually over time. At first I did not notice how I was improving, but one day I realized that I had become much better compared to the beginning. I felt the significant difference in my hearing skills and my voice.

I am very happy and surprised by the improvement I had over the past year; I now have confidence when singing. Thanks Deborah for giving me such a confidence and correcting my tone deafness.

Phil Jeon
June 2013

Deborah is an absolutely amazing teacher. She pushes me to reach my potential and it is because of her I have found my voice. I never thought I could sing. I never thought I would be able to sing - I even thought I was tone deaf. But it is because of her that I have become the performer I aspire to be. Without her, I would not be where I am today! Now I am able to live out my dream in New York City as I was just accepted as a Musical Theatre major at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. I couldn't be happier and more grateful. Thank you Deborah!

Katherine Winter, Dancer, Soprano
January 2015