Deborah Staiman teaches a drama class for singers geared for performance and audition preparation. These drama classes are called "Master Classes in Show Tunes Interpretation".
Ms. Staiman was on the vocal faculty of AMDA (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in Manhattan. Not only will you get over your "stage fright" you will replace it with something much more memorable, effective and enjoyable.

If you are uncomfortable singing in front of people then these dramatic classes will help you become more confident. Stage fright is very common among people who are not used to performing in front of others. Singing is very personal and the singer can feel very vulnerable. The only way to achieve this confidence is to practice singing in front of an audience The master classes are a safe place to start singing in front of people. Over time you will become more comfortable and confident.

As you attend these drama workshops, over a period of time you will discover and develop your unique performance style. You will learn how to use your emotions productively and learn how to emote in different ways. You can experiment with different body movements and lose your inhibitions. You will practice combining the languages of music and words, fusing them into one powerful, dramatic, expressive whole. Over time you will achieve self-confidence as a vocal performer. Finally and most important, in these drama classes you will enjoy performing more than ever before. Stage fright will be a thing of the past! You will have an impact upon the audience and they will want to come back for more.